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Disable Shop by Price Feature (Stencil)

Here are the steps to disable the “Shop by Price” feature on a BigCommerce Stencil theme. We will use the default Cornerstone theme in the examples.

Step 1: Remove Code Snippet

You need to locate the category.html file, which is located in:


There you need to locate the code for the sidebar and comment it out as shown below:

{{> components/category/shop-by-price shop_by_price=category.shop_by_price category_url=category.url}}

Step 2: Expand the Product Listing Grid

Even tough we removed the sidebar, the product listing grid is set to take 75% of the width of the page container. What we want to do here is change that to 100% width so that it doesn’t leave blank space where the sidebar was.

We can easily do this by adding the following code to the Scripts tab under Storefront Design › Design Options:

@media (min-width: 801px) { .productGrid .product {
width: 25%;
} {
width: 100%;
.card-body .card-text {text-align: center;}
.card-title {text-align: center;}

And here is the final result:


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