With so many skilled and varied e-commerce sites operating out there, you want to make sure yours really stands out. From branding, to design, to marketing, we’ll help your website really come to the fore.


Ecommerce Strategy

Building the perfect e-commerce strategy for your store is crucial. You always need a unified, quantitative approach as a business, otherwise, you’ll be flapping in the dark. We’ll help you develop the strategy that allows you to pull ahead of the competition.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is crucial in a thousand different industries, but none more so than e-commerce. When you sell someone something online nowadays, you’re less selling them the product, than the experience of buying it from you. That means you need to make your brand mean something. By consistently and effectively representing, promoting and honing your brand, we’ll help you develop the toe-hold that turns into industry domination.

Responsive Design

Nowadays people don’t just shop at their desktop, they use their tablet on the bus, or their phone in a taxi. People are using all kinds of devices, so you need a website that takes that into account properly. Responsive web design is crucial to a successful modern e-commerce website.

Ecommerce Promotion

When it comes to growing and developing your customer base, what you need is an effective e-commerce promotion strategy. From email marketing to deals and giveaways, we’ll help you craft the promotion stratagem that sees you boosting you sales conversions and revenue massively.

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Ecommerce Work

Selling online is a wildly different ballgame to the traditional highstreet variant we all grew up with. Creating the perfect web store can be a challenge too, especially when it comes to really standing out. That’s why you need a web design company with a balanced focus on all elements of creating the ideal e-commerce store.



You need to match your store to your product, and the same goes for websites.

Part of the genius of bespoke website design is that it allows us to create the ideal site for your business model or product needs. We can create the ultimate vehicle for selling your wares. In the same way an interior designer might refine a shop interior, we’ll build your ideal website, only online, there are fewer limitations.

With your input, we’ll create a site that not only ticks all the tech boxes but also looks spectacular, while carrying your branding proudly.



Without digital marketing, you’ll find yourself stuck on page thirty-six of a Google search, with zero traffic flow.

Quality digital marketing can drag your website from the backwaters, and put it right at the front, the very first thing the customer sees when searching for similar products, but it doesn’t just do that.

With options like paid search (PPC) allowing you to precisely target and convert leads, and social media marketing allowing for huge, innovative campaigns, digital marketing will make sure that your gorgeous new website never goes ignored.


My experiences with Digitawise has been phenomenal from the first time we’ve met in 2017 to the present. The staff is dedicated in working hard to making my start up business grow. It’s not just one individual who does all the heavy lifting and interacting with me, it’s a team that’s focused on my success. If I could give Digitawise five stars plus, I would because they’re very professional, upfront, knowledgeable, connected, transparent and responsive to any and all my questions. It means a lot to me as a start up and need someone I can trust and deliver.

Troy S. (Practice-U)

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