The health & wellness industry has been exploding over the last few years. With everything from healthy diets, to exercise, to alternative medicines and remedies, this industry is increasingly trendy, with plenty of media focus, and is set to become the next big thing.

What you get

Brand Identity

In an exploding industry, brand identity is one of the most potent tools you have to separate yourself from the crowd. Developing a unique and memorable brand is key to succeeding in any busy marketplace.
We’ll help you develop an approach to brand identity that builds your web presence and helps you stand out.

Brand Identity

Responsive design is essential in an industry as propelled by the younger demographic as health & wellness. While it’s true that the vast majority of adults today use a smartphone as their primary method of browsing, this is especially true of younger people. From smartphones to tablets, we’ll make sure your site looks amazing, regardless of the device.

Responsive Design

Search marketing is all about putting your business right in front of the right customers. No one wants to be on page three or four of a Google search, that won’t get you the customer flow you need, no matter how good the rest of the site is. We can optimize your site for SEO, and deliver an ongoing keyword strategy designed to keep you at the top of your game.

Social Marketing

With an industry as youthful as health & wellness, a solid social media marketing campaign can really prove invaluable. As well as helping with brand marketing, it can also allow you to directly communicate with your exact demographic. We’ll help you create the perfect social media marketing campaign, allowing you to truly reach out to your customers.

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Health & Wellness

With more and more health-focused consumers out there, fitness and wellness are increasingly prioritized. Following that trend is an exploding industry with huge potential. In order to cut through the competition, you need a modern website with a solid search and brand marketing campaign.

Thank Goat Page Case


When it comes to health & wellness, you really can’t afford to have a sickly, dated looking site

A great site strikes the balance between functionality and aesthetics while keeping an eye to the future. You need a website that echoes your businesses future-facing, health-conscious ethic, with a slick, clean and effective website design.


No one can afford to be on page thirty-two of a Google search result, effective digital marketing puts you right in front of your chosen demographic

With a targeted and adaptive approach, you can expect powerful results from your digital marketing campaign. With SEO putting you where you need to be on Google, paid search campaigns and social media marketing, we’ll see your business sitting at the top of its industry.

Our Clients Love Our Work


They understand that you are running a business and need something that can drive better business – the whole team got right on-board, became dedicated and focused on delivering results.

 Thomas Ventura (Cleanse & Burn Inc)


We migrated 2 sites from Miva, which has a number of intricacies that makes the process challenging, into 1 site on BC. The team from Digitawise navigated those well. They also followed up quickly with any changes and file uploads that were required. They had to to quite a bit of work manipulating the files to get them into BC, as well as bringing over history from our old sites. Nick has been very responsive whenever we had questions about the process. He has also done a great job of helping us through the process of getting to know BC as well as advising us on installation of apps needed to make BC work better. Considering the amount of work needed, and their help in getting going in the first month or so, their charges are a good value. Based on our experience, we would recommend them for your site design and implementation requirements! We are quite pleased with our decision to select Digitawise as our BC partner

 Tim S. (The Tea Smith)

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