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Botanicam Web Development / Social Media / SEO Botanicam's goal is to become the most trusted source where you get CBD, education, and community. The emerging hemp CBD industry is riddled with misinformation, false claims, and lack of transparency. Digitawise partnered with the team at Botanicam to create a marketplace for the highest quality - and most... read more

Combined Hemp

Combined Hemp Web Development / Social Media / SEO Digitawise partnered with ComBineD Hemp to create the home of their own product line of purest CBD and CBG on the market today. ComBineD products all stem from their Own Grown Flower. The same way they strive for years to perfect the farming practices and growing conditions to... read more


RILIF Web Development / Social Media / SEO We partnered with Rilif CBD to create a brand identity that their customers can instantly recognize. We not only crafted a logo for their new brand, but also designed their product labels and built a mobile-friendly e-commerce store, using the best-in-class technology. For an industry that's quickly emerging, maintaining... read more

Nature’s Legend

Nature’s Legend Brand Identity / Web Development / Social Media / SEO Nature’s Legend is an online seller of premier organically grown, full spectrum line of CBD products with Zero THC. Digitawise managed the planning, branding identity and e-commerce development for an emerging CBD brand. We also teamed up with Nature’s Legend to go full speed on digital... read more

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