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RILIF Web Development / Social Media / SEO We partnered with Rilif CBD to create a brand identity that their customers can instantly recognize. We not only crafted a logo for their new brand, but also designed their product labels and built a mobile-friendly e-commerce store, using the best-in-class technology. For an industry that's quickly emerging, maintaining... read more

ToddMoní Bags

Todd Moní Web Design / Web Development / eCommerce When Todd Moní initially contacted Digitawise, they were looking for a website revamp for their Wix platform website. Upon further review with the team, we soon discovered that a simple website revamp would not be quite enough to bring the Todd Moní site to the point where... read more
ThankGoat Cover

Thank Goat

Thank Goat Brand Identity / Web Development / SEO When Josh from Thanks Goat first reached out to Digitawise, he had a precise vision for what his redesigned site would look like. While double checking to be sure each of his design notes was compatible with modern eCommerce best practices, we were able to take Josh’ exact... read more


AMET Brand Identity / Web Development / SEO Established in 1995 AMET Ltd. is a company dedicated to development, modern manufacturing and distribution of electronic medical equipment and modules. AMET teamed with Digitawise to create a scalable web presence for long-term growth. Growth starts here! Arrange a free hour of consultation. Let's Start! More Projects Qure WaterDesign... read more

Fluffy’s Pet Shop

Fluffy's Pet Shop Brand Identity / Web Development / BigCommerce Fluffy's Pet Shop is an interesting eCommerce store that requires funny and playful design. When Martine from Fluffy's Pet Shop reached out to us, her site was on Wix, but she felt frustrated with the features and the maintenance. Martine wondered if there was another solution available.... read more

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