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Fine Accoutrements

Fine Accoutrements Web Development / eCommerce / SEO Fine Accoutrements is a brand that specializes in classic wet shaving products and supplies for men. They partnered with Digitawise to re-design and build a modern e-commerce store that can match their expansion and growth-oriented strategy. Our team crafted an innovative B2B + B2C website on the BigCommerce platform.... read more


Koushee Brand Identity / Web Development / SEO Koushee, premium apparel, and beachwear brand teamed with Digitawise to create an e-commerce store and brand identity, which represents the company in the best possible way. Our designers crafted a logo that symbolizes the nature of Koushee – a unique, modern, yet stylish brand that provides high-quality clothing. Next,... read more


RILIF Web Development / Social Media / SEO We partnered with Rilif CBD to create a brand identity that their customers can instantly recognize. We not only crafted a logo for their new brand, but also designed their product labels and built a mobile-friendly e-commerce store, using the best-in-class technology. For an industry that's quickly emerging, maintaining... read more

Unity CBD Oil

Unity CBD Oil Web Development / Social Media / SEO Unity CBD is an online seller of premier organically grown, full spectrum line of CBD products with Zero THC. Digitawise managed the planning, branding identity and e-commerce development for an emerging CBD brand. We also teamed up with Unity CBD to go full speed on digital marketing... read more


CFCR Web Design / Web Development / eCommerce Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters knew that catering to their customers every need was the best way to improve their online sales. So what do their customers need? Coffees from passionate farmers roasted to bring out sweetness and fruit acidity, barista training and coffee education, equipment selection, and real... read more

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